Oefelein Architecture 


We provide architectural services to create forward-thinking and socially sustainable buildings and places that are comfortable and uplifting to experience.

Our previous work includes designing new houses, apartment buildings, regenerating housing estates, new schools, university buildings, offices, hotels, hospitality fit-outs, health centres and civic buildings.

Urban Design

We design masterplans that aim to make communities functional, beautiful and sustainable. We survey the location and develop options and strategies to design solutions for innovative, inclusive and sustainable urban growth and planning.

We aspire to provide safe and vibrant places to live, work and learn while preserving the vitality and character of established neighbourhoods.


There is no single solution for every project or outcome so our design process is unique for every project. We believe the most successful outcomes are the result of a collaborative approach that encourages all project participants, regardless of role or profession, to provide input and ideas.

We hold onto the thoughts, seek to understand  the location, research the social, urban and natural context, and interrogate and explore the spatial and economic opportunities.  We then provide a framework for clients and users to make informed and sensible decisions, leading to the best possible results.