Oefelein Architecture 

Heidekraut Quartier

Working with Killinger & Westermann Architekten, we have developed proposals in collaboration with our client Magma Rock Estate GmbH for the development of the Heidekraut Quartier Masterplan, located in Schönerlinde, a short distance from Berlin.

This housing development will provide new homes that are in character with the regional Brandenburg context, and put ecological and social sustainability at the top of the agenda.


Heidekraut Quartier

Location  Schönerline, Brandenburg
Type  Housing Masterplan
Project Duration  2020 – on-going
Scale   7.8 ha planning area
Collaborators   Killinger & Westermann Architekten
Client   Magma Rock Estate GmbH
Proposed Site Plan – September 2021

Ecological aims 

_Promoting biodiversity with an abundant amount of green landscaping with regional plants and trees.

_Climate sensitive building techniques including passive design and engineered timber construction.

_Innovative long-term energy production and distribution solutions.

Social aims

_Providing the framework for an existing community to grow and thrive.

_Creating a cohesive community spirit;  existing residents, new residents, young people, families, children and elderly alike, together building a community.

Cultural aims

_Through quality architecture create consistent design outcomes with materials and craftsmanship that reflect the regional building typology.

Mobility aims

_Electric vehicle charging stations and car-sharing facilities.

_Encourage use of existing public transport links to and from Berlin.

Birds Eye View from South

The Masterplan proposes various building types, all of which have front doors at street level, creating livable and usable spaces between them. The buildings are connected by a network of walkways, parks and squares that allow people of all ages to move through the community.

It’s the spaces between the buildings that will make people want to live there, and contribute positively to the surrounding area.

The Masterplan approvals process with the local authority is currently is on-going. 

Artist Impression – view towards the central park area
Artist Impression – view down the Mühlenbeckerstr.